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The mini grant competition on materials on medium-significance

NGO “Institute for the Development of Regional Press – RPDI” and the ECPMF announces a competition for small grants to create journalistic materials aimed at increasing the media literacy of the audience in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine.

Fake news,
manipulations, propaganda and disinformation – all of this has a real impact on
the real life of modern society.

The most
effective weapon against these phenomena is media literacy – the ability to
critically perceive information, to recognize fraud, to deal with it

bloggers and public activists from Zaporozhye, Lugansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk
and Kherson got an opportunity to raise the level of media literacy of their

It is in this context that the purpose of the competition, which is being held
by the RPDI under the project “re: start democratic discourse”,
implemented in partnership with the European Center for Press Freedom and the
Media (ECPMF), Leipzig, with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign

Authors can
suggest their ideas or choose a theme from the proposed list, prepare materials
aimed at increasing the media literacy of the audience and publish them in
regional media.

The organizers will select the 15 best ideas and help them realize – with the help of editors-mentors. After disclosure to the media, the authors of these materials will receive small grants – from 3500 to 5000 UAH. Applications are accepted until October 10, 2018.The winners (authors / authors of these applications) must create and publish their journalistic materials by December 10, 2018.

Goals of the contest

journalists / bloggers / civilian journalists to create materials aimed at
raising the level of media literacy of the audience (to recognize fake,
propaganda and manipulation in the media, to critically treat unverified
information and unreliable sources);

  • to
    improve the quality of journalistic materials by consulting journalists,
    bloggers and civil journalists while working on materials
  • raise
    awareness of the media about the impact of the media on social processes and
    stimulate citizens to self-development of the critical perception of
    information they receive from the media.

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6 способів створити фейкову новину

Чи знаєте ви про 6 головних маніпулятивних методів, які допомагають створити фейкову новину? Ольга Юркова розказала нам про те, як розпізнати феки та не піддаватися на методи маніпуляцій. Матеріал підготовлено для GIJN – the global network of investigative journalists.

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How a medical advice became an “invasion”?

If the headline has the word “invasion” – most likely it is a fake or manipulation.